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You can order all of my books and CDs via the web.

You may also find the books at your favorite music store.
Two places I like to shop are Old Town Music in Pasadena, California and Johnson String Instrument near Boston in Massachusetts. By "like" I mean I go in there whenever I am within 50 miles, spend all my spare cash, bring home lots of cool new music and play!
I don't sell direct via the web though I do try to bring books and CDs with me to clinics and concerts.

Mel Bay publishes my cello books. Click here.
  • The Fiddling Cellist
  • Celtic Grooves for Two Cellos, 47 Irish and Scottish Tunes
  • The Modern Method for Cello, Book 1
  • Hymns and Gospel Tunes for Cello and Piano (piano parts by Bert Ligon)

Great Big Taters and Jazz Trio 2006
CDBaby carries my Great Big Taters CD. Click here to go to my little shop in their massive media empire. Purchasing is easy and secure.
CDBaby also carries my Jazz Trio 2006 CD - me on cello, Martin Norgaard on violin and Bert Ligon on piano. Click here.